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Few things in life fascinate us as much as the human face. Whole galleries around the world are dedicated to the subject and most of us like to have pictures of our loved ones in our homes.

If you are thinking of a unique gift for someone, a portrait of a family member or friend can make a really great gift at an affordable price. A portrait can suit almost any occasion such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Retirements or any special occasion.

I accept commissions for portraits and generally work from photos to create the finished portrait. A likeness of the face is predominately captured with the character of the eyes. The challenge of creating a portrait is as unique as each person’s face.

Some things to consider when sending photos:

  • If you can send several photos of the person, that would be ideal although I often work from only one photo.
  • Good quality photos showing the facial features clearly and showing part of their character will enable me to produce the best possible portrait.
  • The best photos to work from are those with a 3/4 view - showing the face slightly side on.

The price of each portrait will vary in price depending on the number of people portrayed, the size. the medium used and the complexity of each piece. Based in Brisbane, I welcome all enquiries, within Australia and beyond. To discuss an artwork you have in mind and to get a quote please contact me or call 0438 193 565.

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“If you are thinking of a gift for someone, a portrait of family or friends can make a really unique gift at an affordable price.

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Tel: +61 438 193 565 | Email 

ABN 72 897 910 934